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Controls Program Lockdown

Commercial Grocery Store Chain in South and Florida Regions


  • Improve mechanical room cooling applications and reduce impact on building pressure

  • Increased consistency in control setpoints

  • Universal remote setpoint control management

  • Enable password protection and ability to prevent set point change in contrast to design intent

  • Decrease volume of service calls

  • Achieve energy savings through energy efficient operation of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, building pressure, etc.


  • Install evaporator fan coil in machine room for equipment cooling that is connected to the medium temp rack with CPC controls

  • Re-work MR outside air exchange cooling strategy to activate exhaust fan with refrigerant leak or a manual override button

  • Install a building pressure sensor to monitor and control store pressure

  • Install dewpoint sensor

  • Calibrate refrigeration pressure transducers and operation critical temperature sensors

  • Program all controls to customer specifications


  • Automated monitoring

  • Average annual energy savings of $9869 per site

  • Increased display features up time correlated with reduction of service workorder calls


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