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We are proud to have some of the best HVAC and refrigeration professionals in the industry on our team with an average of 27 years of experience per person. 


SEER2 Project Manager/President

Third generation Refrigeration Journeyman and that has held the qualifying/experience party for Refrigeration, HVAC, Electrical, and General Contractor licensing in many states throughout the US. Has 40 years in the supermarket industry and worked as Installer, Service Tech, Service Manager, Construction Manager, Project Manager, General Manager, SVP of Operations, and Principal.

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SEER2 Project Manager

Third generation HVAC/R technician with 12 years in the Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC Industry. Has 9 years focused in Supermarket service and management. Worked as a high-level service technician and Service Manager with Coolsys Commercial and Industrial Solutions. Previously held California C-38 Refrigeration Contractor’s License. Operation Iraqi Freedom US Army Veteran.


SEER2 Project Administrator/Manager

Has over 35 years in the supermarket Industry and worked as Construction Manager, SR Project Manager and Program Development Manager. Worked for Hill Phoenix as Sr. PM on Target Pfresh program. Was Director of Program Development as lead on creating Refrigerant Conversion program for Walmart. 

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SEER2 Project Manager

Second generation licensed Mechanical and Refrigeration Contractor with 17 years HVAC and supermarket experience. Worked as a Service Technician at Source Refrigeration, additionally providing startup assistance to construction. Worked as commissioning agent with Coolsys Energy Solutions. Completed Source Level 6 and 7 training classes. Completed AAS in HVACR Technology. Certified or proficient on various EMS control systems. Completed PEM certification. 


SEER2 Project Manager

8 Years of experience in Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC. Worked as a Service Technician with Source Refrigeration and HVAC, completing levels 2 through 7 of Source training classes. Advanced to a level 7 Service Technician before transitioning to Service Manager. Proficient on various EMS control systems. 


SEER2 Project Manager

Has 40 years in the supermarket industry and worked at Source Refrigeration as Service Tech, Service Manager, Director of Training, and Director of Energy Services.As Training Director developed training materials and curriculum for a multitier training program for a 500 technician work force.Everything from basic refrigeration to supermarket startups and energy commissioning. Created Source Refrigeration Energy Optimization Department with personally trained technicians who demonstrated the mental dexterity to properly commission supermarkets. Optimized supermarkets for all major players, Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger etc, and including HEB.These same team members comprised the Target Refrigeration Authority Commissioning Agents. Took a position with The Fresh Market as Facility Manager in 2013.Retro Commissioned the entire 170 store fleet, changed refrigeration and HVAC mechanical design at a lower equipment cost and lower energy consumption, for approximately 20 stores per year for 3 years.Net of 19% kWh/sqft savings chainwide for both initiatives.At SEER2, completed retro commissioning in Whole Foods Market South Region.kWh/sqft from 52 to 45, and region went from worst performer to better than chain wide average. Currently rolling the same process out in Florida Region.


SEER2 Project Manager

Has 26 years of experience in the supermarket, HVAC, controls and work vessel industries. Has worked as a Controls Manager, Project Manager, Team Lead, and Integration Specialist for industry leaders Parker-Hannifin, Sporlan, Carrier, Tyler Refrigeration, and Micro Thermo Technologies.  He has performed installation, service, commissioning, troubleshooting, programming and design for all disciplines. He works continuously to improve system designs and performance to reduce energy and maintenance.

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SEER2 Project Manager

19 years experience in the Commercial Refrigeration business working as a Construction Foreman and Startup Technician. Licensed as a Colorado Refrigeration Class A Supervisor with ICC #F29 testing, along with Wyoming and Kansas Mechanical Supervisor licenses. Novar EMS certified. Acorn Evac and George Fisher Plumbing certified. 


SEER2 Project Manager

12 year’s experience in overseeing and managing the mechanical equipment repair, maintenance, and contractors of commercial buildings.  Managing new construction, tenant Improvements, energy efficiency and mechanical projects.  Experience with multiple Building Automation Systems.  Leading commissioning/retro-commissioning efforts, on both controls and mechanical systems.  Experienced in technical energy audits, lighting retrofit projects, and building surveys including mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and building envelope data



SEER2 Project Manager

14 years of experience in commercial HVAC and refrigeration with 11 years of that being in Supermarket service, startup and commissioning. Proficient in working with CPC and Danfoss control systems. Walmart certified for Novar refrigeration and HVAC control systems. Has worked on a wide range of projects for Walmart including their Liquid Pump Amplification (LPA) and Heat Reclaim (HRU) project which required initial beta testing, then installing, starting up and commissioning multiple locations throughout the country.


SEER2 Project Manager

Has 15 years experience in the Supermarket Refrigeration and HVAC industry. Worked at Source Refrigeration as a Service Technician, Service Supervisor, and Service Manager. Specialized in supermarket startup and commissioning. Completed Level 8 Training. Certified Source Technical Trainer. Held C-20 Contractor's License in California. 

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SEER2 Project Manager

Fourth generation Refrigeration Project Manager. Has 7 years of experience in supermarket industry. Has worked as a Project Manager controls commissioning. Proficient with several BAS systems. He has performed, construction commission, start up, energy commissioning, troubleshooting, programming and design.


SEER2 Project Manager

22 years in the trades, 15 of those in the HVAC/R industry.  Specializes in Building Controls, Energy Management Systems and Refrigeration Controllers.  Niagara N4 and Distech Controls certified.  Walmart certified for Novar and Danfoss controls.  Proficient in working with Com-trol, CPC, Honeywell, RDM, and Micro-Thermo controllers.  As a Refrigeration Electrician, he has experience installing, retrofitting, troubleshooting, commissioning, and starting up various control systems.  Very versed in working with Danfoss VFDs and has done VFD work for customers such as CenturyLink (LUMEN), Kroger, Walmart, and others.  Has performed refrigeration and HVAC commissioning projects on close to 100 locations for various customers.  Owned a small construction business and has been part of building commercial and residential projects from the ground up.  Has experience in framing, electrical work, plumbing, drywall and more.  This experience allows him to better understand the concerns of the different trades involved in completing a project.



SEER2 Project Manager

Licensed Mechanical and Refrigeration Journeyman with 40 years in the supermarket and HVAC industries. Has worked as service technician, Team Lead, and Service Manager for Source Refrigeration.  Worked as Facilities Director for Whole Foods Market for over 90 locations ensuring repairs and maintenance performed was appropriate, cost effective, while lowering overall energy usages. Holds H&V Class A Supervisor's License, Supervisor's License Refrigeration, and Refrigeration & Sheet Metal Contractor's License.

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VP of Sales

Certified Energy Auditor and Certified Professional Energy Manager. A licensed Mechanical and Refrigeration Journeyman that practices Lean Six Sigma as a Yellow Belt. Has 35 years in the supermarket industry and worked as Service Manager, Construction Manager and General Manager. Has 3 years of experience as Target Refrigeration Authority and 6 years of managing teams of Commissioning Agents with CoolSys Energy Solutions. Created many procedures in the quality improvement process for servicing, installing and commissioning supermarket refrigeration and HVAC systems. Certified or proficient on many EMS control systems.


SEER2 Project Manager

Licensed master electrician with 19 years of commercial experience. Over 15 years of supermarket experience working as Forman, Project manager, and Estimator. Large and small commercial project experience. Prior percentage shareholder in Pagett Electric.

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SEER2 Project Manager

Has 20 years of experience in the supermarket industry & HVAC.  Worked as a service technician for DEEM Mechanical and Project Manager for Hill Phoenix.  He has performed installation, service, startup, and commissioning on all refrigeration designs.  Has been with SEER2 for two years working as a Project Manager.


SEER2 Project Manager

Third generation Refrigeration Journeyman and Licensed F29 Master Mechanical Contractor. Has 20 years in the supermarket industry and worked as Foreman, Project Manager and Start up Technician. Completed Source Target Pfresh specific training for installs. Certified or proficient on many EMS control systems. Completed Source Journeyman, Foreman training classes. Source Leadership and Development 2011& 2018. Acorn Evac system certified. Completed Hill Phoenix C02 system installation course.

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