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Low Charge Hybrid System

Commercial Grocery Store 17,100 Sq footage, Sherman Oaks, CA


  • Aged mechanical equipment well beyond useful life

  • One R448A rack with an air-cooled condenser

  • Field fabricated evaporative spray cooling system to maintain operation during higher temperature summer periods

  • System controls not up to customer standards

  • Existing rack system charge size required compliance quarterly leak checks, extensive record keeping, and annual reporting

  • Location of a new rack and condenser

Design/Build Retrofit Solution:

  • Collaboration between customer, engineer, and manufacturer to develop an 8 systems remote outdoor rack with all appliances within the 50 lbs and under EPA threshold

  • Utilizing existing cases, engineering selected systems for each compressor suction group to ensure we remained under this 50lbs threshold

  • Design piping layout to effectively achieve under 50lbs charge goals

  • System designed to utilize the existing refrigerant R448A

  • New sensors installed in all cases to ensure proper monitoring for food safety

SEER2 Value Delivered:

  • Energy carbon footprint reduction

  • Refrigerant loss reduction potential to systems critically charged design

  • Implemented automatic leak detection systems

  • Achieved goal to maintain each system under 50 pounds of R448A requiring

  • No quarterly leak checks, record keeping, or reporting

  • Single system startups resulted in minimal impact to store operations

  • Adiabatic Fluid Cooler energy efficiencies achieved during summer months

  • Floating suction groups for each system achieved through digital unloading

  • Utilized only socially responsible refrigerants


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