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Sustainable refrigeration

Conserving natural resources


Project Management

We provide environmentally sustainable, commercial, multi-site refrigeration projects to major supermarket chains and other large cold storage customers. We act as an external team member to design, install and oversee maintenance of refrigeration systems.

Life-Cycle Costing

Our customers enjoy a healthy ROI on most SEER2 projects. We determine the life expectancy of equipment and include increasing energy, service and changing EPA requirement costs as the system ages.

Energy Efficiency

Our Source Refrigeration Energy Optimization Department of trained technicians has worked with all major US supermarkets and our in-house energy auditor is certified to conduct investment grade energy audits.

SEER2 (Sustainable Energy Expense Reduction and Refrigeration) is a multi-generational, private company serving customers from four locations (Phoenix, Denver, Greensboro, Fort Myers).


We help our clients improve their margins by lowering costs on energy consumption and refrigeration.

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[Case Study 1]

[Case Study 2]

[Case Study 3]




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